Keeley White Sands Luxe Drive

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Awesome sounding low gain overdrive by Keeley Pedals. The Keeley White Sands utilizes asymmetrical clipping to create the sweet tone of a tube amp just breaking up. This gives you that slightly pushed tube sound so you can really rock out while retaining the purity in your tone.

The chaps at Keeley Pedals call this pedal a low drive version of their infamous Red Dirt Overdrive, only this pedal contains a tone control that does not boost the midrange. This pedal contains amazing transparency so you can use it in any pick-up position without compromising on your precious tone!

Looking for a bit of grit to your drive? Look no further! Simply switch to Sandy Mode for some super silky drive with pure growl to dig in and get really aggressive.

For those of you who are a little sensitive about keeping the signal through your pedalbard as unclogged as possible, the Luxe Drive contains Keeley's JFET input buffer, which makes sure you retain what you love about how your guitars sounds without muddying anything.

If you're after something inbetween the shimmering clean of the Keeley Katana and the pure grit of the Keeley Red Dirt, for instance, this pedal sits in perfectly.

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£199.00 Inc Vat
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