Keeley Gold Star Vinyl Reverb

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Another fantastic addition to the superb range of reverb pedals from Keeley Pedals. This pedal offers three main reverb functions. The first of which is the Compressed Room Reverb. The compression is a handy feature as it means the trails compress when you attack the guitar with your picking hand, giving you great definition in your playing.

The Distorted Reverb setting provides you with a real meaty distortion on the trails that gives you a totally mean flavour and aggressive texture, have some fun an experiment with this setting.

On top of this we have the Warped Flange Reverb mode which is split into two: Flanger Reverb and Sun Drenched Vinyl Reverb (which gives you an awesome random pitch vibrato). This mode has some huge lasting reverb trails to lul you into a state of awe. Turn the control left for full flange and to the right for some sweet vibrato action.

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