Keeley Dynatrem

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Super dynamic tremolo/reverb pedal by the folks at Keeley Pedals to get you halfway to sounding like Hendrix himself! If you want to dig in it will dig back, massage it softly and it will respond just as soft! Using the Rate and Depth controls you can set how sensitve the response will be so you can really get the most out of this trem.

When using the Dynamic Rate setting, you control the Rate with your playing. Harder = Faster and Softer = Slower - nice and easy! When using Dynamic Depth setting, the softer you play the less warble you'll achieve, but get a little bit aggressive with it the depth of the tremolo will be deep and full. With the Harmonic Trem & Reverb Mode, you can begin to create some seriously soulful, luscious tones. Smooth, velvety tone at the stomp of a switch!

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This item has been moved from our old Braintree shop over to our new shop which is a work in progress, it is open for business and this item will be available to view in person. For enquiries please call 01376 386 786 or email
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