Keeley Darkside

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The Dark Side of the moon has arrived!

All your sweet Pink Floyd needs in one little box. This modulation/fuzz pedal let's you dial in all your Floyd-esque sounds in to a super fine degree. A controllable fuzz on the right hand side takes you from subtle fuzz to a full on in-your-face! Mix this together with the modulation and you have a full on journey through space!

The Modulation side of things contains all the fantastic effects Keeley are reknowned for: Flanger, Rotary, U-vibe and Phaser. All of these effects are compatible with an expression pedal so you can get some really superb psychadelic tones that you can adjust while playing.

Get down and dirty with some ambient noise, the Tape Delay control on here just finishes things off so you can experiment and combine all these different effects and get super spacey!


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