Keeley Compressor Plus

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The Keeley Compressor is one of the best-selling boutique pedals on the market, with over 50,000 models built in their shop, it has become something on an industry standard for guitar players.

The Keeley Compressor Plus is the freshest addition to the Compressor line and it sure is a beaut. With some really great and simple to use features, it's everything you will need from probably the most frequently overlooked part of your signal chain. With a Release switch that is specifically tuned for both humbuckers and single coils, you know that whatever guitar you are playing you are going to have the right attack. As a Compressor/ Sustainer, not only does it limits the peaks in your playing but it adds more gain as your notes fade out, it's a great feature.

Compression is more than just for funk and country players these days, if you want a smooth, subtle  tone you have to consider utilising it. By using it just right you can create a beautiful ambient tone with incredible shimmer and treble. Keeley are the go to guys for compressor pedals and the Compressor Pro is one of the very best around!

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