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So you've probably heard of the Angry Charlie by now, it's been a top selling drive pedal from JHS for a while now, and is pretty much regarded as one of the finest that anyone makes, so what have we here? A new and tweaked version voiced for the great Andy Timmons personal refinements on what he wanted to see done to the Angry Charlie, which was already a pedal he loved and has as a core part of his sound.

The AT comes with 4 control knobs and a 3 way toggle switch too. The three way toggle is for controlling 'headroom', this is used to replicate the tones of how an amp would behave with it's wattage being changed. The up position is the 25 Watt mode, the down position is the 50 Watt mode and the middle position is the 100 Watt mode.

As you'd imagine the 25W mode has much less volume, but more drive available to play with, the 50W mode is a mid-point, and the 100W mode blows your socks off with some real punch. The middle 100W mode is loud, clean and powerful. The 50W mode give a lovely distortion/crunch with a nice full frequency response. The 25W mode breaks up further into distortion territory, full of gain.

The other controls on the pedal control Volume, EQ, Drive and Air. Air in this context is a high pass filter focused on the higher treble part of the spectrum, allowing you to in conjunction with the EQ dial to fit this pedal in perfectly with any amp by dialing in that sweet spot for the voicing to compliment your setup.

This pedal on top of it's tonal versatility is also versatile voltage wise, happily playing on either 9 or 18 volts.

A very cool, very awesome sounding and versatile modified pedal of what was already a favourite of ours.

£209.00 Inc Vat
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