Ibanez TS808 Handwired Ltd Ed Recreation Tubescreamer

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Peach Guitars are now stocking one of the most iconic guitar pedals of all time!

The Ibanez Tubescreamer can be found on pedalboards everywhere all around the world in bedrooms, studios or stages of all sizes and it is an overdrive that will be sought after for as long as the electric guitar lives!

Here we have a special limited edition all handwired TS808 recreation deluxe Tube Screamer. It contains selected JRC4558D chips which are the same as the iconic TS808 much sought after by pretty much every electric guitar player in the business. It sounds incredible!

It is encased in a deluxe heavy-duty metal box and comes with a premium Japanese OFC cable (AWG21).

Quite simply, this is the most advanced Tube Screamer ever made.

True bypass.

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