Hudson Electronics Broadcast BC-24V-PG Vermilion Limited Edition

Hudson Electronics
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Hudson Electronics Broadcast BC-24V-PG Vermilion Limited Edition made exclusively for Peach Guitars.

A unique limited edition of the Broadcast which is drawing influence from the old recording consoles of the 60's.

The circuit saturates and colours the signal and is useful from clean boosts, gently coloured signals with a frayed round the edges sort of a vibe, and when pushed a unique sounding overdrive with a more than a dash of fuzz thrown in for good measure.

The BC-24V-PG uses a classic transformer coupled, discrete Class-A germanium, but where it gets interesting is this one runs internalls at 24 volts from a 9 volt supply.

More voltage gives extra headroom combined with a tighter low end, great for your tone if you're looking for something less gritty and saturated, while still sounding like a broadcast.

This limited model features a three position gain switch with mid, low and high modes. In Low mode is where there's the most headroom and the sound remains almost clean whilst still coloured.

The mid mode is voiced to act like the normal broadcast, which is still fairly clean, but a touch of grit thrown into the mix.

The high mode dials up into overdrive/distortion/fuzz territory. Maximum gain can be tweaked via an internal trimmer.

These will arrive around the end of May and we'll upload a photo as soon as they arrive!



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