Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Pedal - John Petrucci Signature

New for NAMM 2016
Jim Dunlop
Product Overview

It's been a busy year for the legendary bearded shredder from Dream Theater. This signature cry baby is the modelling of Johns wah sound and tone from his Cry baby rack wah system which allowed for infinitely complex and subtle parameter changes until he found his ideal sound and expression.

Jim Dunlop have now replicated that sound into this finely tuned wah in a single pedal. John describes this wah as 'huge and badass like an angry screaming monster with the ultimate expressive range, it's perfect for shaping single notes or manipulating growling heavy chords'.

The JP95 has the controls that were required to get to Johns wah voice, volume, Q (effect width), and a 6 band EQ as well!

Finished in a lovely smoked chrome colour and sporting a custom 'JP' shield logo on the top.

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