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The MC406 CAE Buffer is a solid little utility box that most players don't know they need until they try it.

When you run your signal from your instrument to your amp though long cables and/or through a large array of effects with varying impedances, there's bound to be some signal degradation. Placing the MC406 Buffer in your signal chain addresses this issue.

- It's a low-noise buffer in a small, rugged housing;

- it can add up to +6dB of gain with the front-facing gain slider;

- it makes up for signal loss that can occur when combining effects with different impedence levels;

- it fine-tunes signal recovery with Hi and Lo cut switches;

- it has an extra output for a tuner, separate effects chain or amp, and can be set to receive either a buffered or unbuffered signal;

- it also features a convenient 9VDC power output jack provides power for another pedal.

It truly is a mighty utility with a small footprint-an ideal addition to any effects rig or pedalboard!

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