Boss VB-2w Vibrato

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The original VB-2 arrived in 1982 and was slightly underappreciated at the time of release, it has since been rediscovered by many players in recent years, looking to add some serious flavour into their playing. Thus, the VB-2 was born again: the VB-2w!

All analog circuitry gives some real, true to the original, authenticity to this pitch-shifting box of joy, while adding new Waza Craft innovation!

In Japan, "Waza" is a term used to describe art and technique, and the chaps at Boss have used this as a symbol to represent the height of Boss quality. The Waza Craft pedals are all put through approval tests by the Boss masters in Japan to ensure they are of the highest possible quality.


  • Custom Mode - Totally new Vibrato sound w/ unique filter wave
  • Standard Mode - True reproduction of the original VB-2
  • All analog circuit
  • Expression Pedal input (to control the effect depth)
  • Rise Time control - Control initial onset of the effect
  • Unlatch Mode - Effect is only activated while the pedal is pressed down, great for indiviual notes or chords
  • Bypass Mode
  • Boss 5 year warranty
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