Boss ES-5 Pedal Looper & Switching System

New for NAMM 2016
Product Overview

Sufferring from too much tap dancing on you unwealdy pedal board? Then this may well be a product with your name on it.

The Boss ES-5 provides you with 5 independant pedal loops, allowing you so be able to cut down the number of button presses massively. The loops are programable and reorderable too allowing you to rework your setup as you deem appropriate. 

A feature of the ES-5 is the selectable manual or preset modes, where you can use preset mode to switch between 5 programmed presets for each bank, or manual mode where you can turn on or off each of the 5 loops as you require it on the fly.

MIDI capable as well, you can use MIDI of 1/4" jack for channel switching, you can even plug the ES-5 into your amp, or use it to control any rackmounted equipment as well.

If you've a large pedal board, this product really could make the difference between you being able to make a huge and hugely varied set of sounds, and without having to jump about all over the place to achieve what you need.



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