Boss DS-1X Distortion

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Special Edition BOSS Pedal with Premium Boutique Tone

The DS-1X takes the famous BOSS distortion into a modern era of voicing, delivering an unmatched level of performance for guitarists with a demand for incredible tone. This next-generation stomp combines over 35 years of innovation in pedal design with the next-level technologies, bringing you a revolutionary tonal experience that's only possible with the technical expertise of BOSS. Prepare to be blown away - the inspiring and ultra-responsive DS-1X will change your thinking about distortion pedals forever!

  • Special edition BOSS distortion with next-generation sound, feel, and tonal response.
  • Innovative design provides a superior playing experience that's unattainable with analog distortion pedals.
  • Powerful real-time processing adapts to your playing to provide ideal distortion tones in every register.
  • Enjoy perfect sounds over the entire fretboard, from tight, crisp tones on the low strings to fat, singing tones on the highest notes.
  • High-clarity distortion tones that are never muddy or muffled, even when playing chords.
  • Ultra-responsive to volume changes and picking dynamics.
  • Very low noise, even with high-gain settings.
  • Drive, High, and Low knobs offer a wide range of sound sculpting not found in typical stompbox pedals.
  • Striking appearance with exclusive chrome knobs and control plate, plus vintage silver knob for battery compartment access.
  • Features BOSS' innovative Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP), realized with proprietary technology and custom DSP.
  • Powered by either a 9v battery (included), or standard Boss style power supply (not included)
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