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This one is an usual beast, a completely passive Octave pedal, which means no battery or power supply required! Positive reviews in both Music radar and Guitarist as well, this one is one to consider. Here's what Bigfoot have to say about it:

"The Octo Puss is unusual in it's design; it is completely passive, meaning it does not require a power supply or batteries of any kind. For optimum performance, simply connect the pedal directly after any buffered effects unit.

The Octo Puss is an analogue octave up generator without any additional circuitry. This means you can combine it with any of your favourite boost, overdrive, distortion or fuzz boxes. You can even tailor the tone using just your amplifier, or keep it completely clean.

Say goodbye to nasally sounding octave pedals and hello to accurate tracking. Our very own audio transformer has a far superior frequency response and performance to those found in any other analogue octave pedal in the world.

Although silicon diodes are typically used in octave pedals for their abundance and cheap cost, they are less responsive to soft dynamics. We use a pair of original germanium diodes for our octave generator circuit to ensure no nuance of your playing gets lost."

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