Mono M80 Vertigo Electric Case Grey

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We've seen it (and done it) hundreds of times: grabbing the guitar out of the side of a partially unzipped case while standing up. We do this to save space, to save time, or to save our backs. This observation became the driving concept behind the VertigoTM, the world's first top-loading guitar case. The top loading feature might have been enough, but mono went ahead and redesigned the HeadlockTM for automatic neck support. Then we created The BootTM, a rubber sole designed for unsurpassed protection against vertical drops. The game has changed.


The VertigoTM features a fully redesigned HeadlockTM neck suspension system. No strapping, buckling, or belting required. No extra steps. Just throw your guitar in and the neck finds a natural resting point in the base of the HeadlockTM. Then zip the case up and the top section of the HeadlockTM automatically clamps down over your guitar, holding it firmly in place. Your headstock is now fully protected against backward drops and side-to-side impact. Lightning fast!


Another first of its kind, The BootTM takes guitar protection to a new level. Using manufacturing technologies from the footwear industry, the VertigoTM bounces off of concrete like a pair of cross trainers. With its custom molded rubber outsole and EVA insole, The BootTM also protects strap pins of all shapes and sizes from those nasty vertical drops. Travel in confidence and style. It's a good look.


A slick feature that you will come to love. The VertigoTM does not open like a traditional guitar case. Its design allows you to quickly unzip the case and pull your guitar out from the top. This is enabled by a hidden diagonal hinge on the front panel of the case. Once unzipped, the case naturally opens out and to the right. No need to lay your guitar case down on the floor. Stop bending over. Nobody wants to see that. Take a stand!


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